fbpx Curricular Global Learning​​ in Asia with Phillips Exeter Academy



Curricular Global Learning​​

From bustling city streets to serene temples, programs in China and Japan give you instant access to millennia of history and culture. 

Cherry blossoms hanging from a tree in Japan.

Explore Tokyo, a city of dichotomies. At once ultra-modern and centuries-old, Tokyo offers never-ending avenues of exploration. Flashing lights and the latest technology share city blocks with ancient temples and traditions — and it’s all there for you to explore. Open to seniors, you’ll study Japanese and take classes at Seikei High School while living with a host family. You’ll explore the country on school trips to Nara, Kyoto and Hiroshima and experience Japanese culture first-hand through special classes in flower arranging, judo, calligraphy, drumming and other traditional arts.

Shenzhen skyline

Seniors studying Chinese have the opportunity to spend the winter term in a city home to one of the fastest growing business markets in the world, Shenzhen. Here you’ll study alongside Chinese students at the Shen Wai International School and live with a host family resulting in a truly immersive experience. You’ll also partake in specially curated cultural activities such as Chinese painting, music and excursions to historical points of interest. 

Students pose for the camera in China.

Together, Exeter, Phillips Academy and St. Paul’s School founded School Year Abroad as a way to give students a yearlong, fully immersive cultural experience. Open to uppers or seniors, you’ll live in Beijing with a host family, master Mandarin through classes on Chinese culture and global environmental science, and explore both urban and rural areas of a country that’s on the world’s center stage.

The Experiential Approach

​Hands-on opportunities for learning in Asia are available through internships and faculty-led trips.

Hong Kong

Exonians learn the essentials of entrepreneurship

During an intensive two-week summer session at the MIT Innovation Academy in Hong Kong, students build and pitch products that solve real-world problems.


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Seeing the world on spring break

Dozens of Exonians venture across the country and around the world to experience the people, places and history.